We have extensive experience managing both personal and corporate finances, and a unique understanding of what it takes to get early stage business off the ground and keep mature businesses a well oiled machine. We each left our corporate positions and entered the fast paced world of consulting with the hopes of helping as many as possible reach their goals.


It doesn’t hurt that we enjoy having our hands in several cookie jars at once! Our clientele range from fledgling startups to Fortune 500 companies. To learn more about what Atlena Consulting can do to help your business, read more below or schedule an exploratory call today.

Learn about your competitors, the market landscape, and gain market share by uncovering your competitors' weaknesses.

Selling Memos

Understand the potential of new markets before you embark and gather insight into available market share.

Business Plans

Gauge the practicality of your business model or marketing approach.


Pitch Decks

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